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About Graham Manser

Graham Manser joined the Financial Industry in 2006 and has since been providing mortgage and protection advice since 2007.  Certified with CertSMP and DipPFS accreditations, Graham focuses on a local, personal and dedicated service that provides mortgages sourced from the whole of the market.

With all meetings taking place at the home of the client, we get to know our clients and build relationships with them to ensure their needs are met, not just now, but also for the future.  By ensuring comfort from the first meeting and the professional conduct in which business is provided we continue to receive repeat and referral business.

For those that have had trouble in the past to source a mortgage, Graham’s knowledge of the market and lenders ensures that the best possible mortgage is found for his clients, sourced from a large scope of mortgage lenders.


Why use me?

A professional approach, building trust from the initial meeting.


There are no charges for the initial consultation and we will advise our recommendations once we have assessed your needs. Any associated mortgage costs will be discussed.


Integrity IFA are full regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) ensuring that any policies that you take out are guaranteed and protected in full.


Integrity are a national business and therefore we have access to a wealth of knowledge including; mortgages, insurance, property estate agency and lettings.

About Integrity IFA

Integrity IFA are independent financial and mortgage advisers, formed by professional advisers from various backgrounds including; Prudential, Co-op, Axa and the Pearl.  This variety of professional skill and experience has proven to be service welcomes by our clients where they no longer needed to speak to a large number of providers on their financial requirements, but instead could do so with one provider.

Built upon the foundations of the fantastic training and grounding in the financial services within these home service companies, our values are fundamental to the way we deal with our clients today.  We continue to deal with over 85% of our clients in their own home, or place of work, at a time to suit them.

Technology is also a driving force for us now and into the future. Our office is 100% paperless with all clients files stored on secure external severs. This provides our business with a fast, process controlled system, that in turn ensures our clients information is data protected, safe and secure.

All clients receive their own secure web site where they can see the values of their investments in real time and store important personal documents. It also offers encrypted secure messaging between client and advisers. Recent developments have seen an iPad app and iPhone and smart phone apps allowing clients access to their sites on these devices. You can now also add your on-line banking and credit cards to the site.

All these new ways of working and communicating are great and save us time and money and mean clients can access their portfolio’s easier than ever before leaving us more time to do what really matters, advising clients so that they achieve their goals and receive the service they deserve.

As independent financial advisers we offer independent unbiased advice. We work for our clients not any financial institutions, insurers or banks. This means we are free to find the most appropriate products for your needs.

What to expect from working with Graham Manser

Purchasing a house and arranging a mortgage can seem like a complicated process, we feel that it shouldn’t be and endeavour to ensure that everything runs smoothly, meeting all your financial needs.

From the initial FREE consultation we will complete a full Fact Find to identify your financial position and what is affordable to you.  We’ll assess your status on risk and clearly explain all aspects of the mortgage application to you.

It’s essential to know what your expenditure is in respect of your income, so be prepared to answer some questions on your monthly out-goings – these are required by us to prepare the application.  We’ll also discuss any special needs that you have in terms of your mortgage to meet with your lifestyle.

Once we have assessed all of the Fact Find information, it’s then over to us to identify and source the BEST LENDER AND MORTGAGES for you.

The Mortgage Application process follows once we have explained all the options to you in detail and, along with our advice, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on your mortgage.


As your adviser, I’m personally responsible for ensuring that the best and most suitable mortgage is sourced for YOU.


I provide a dedicated face-to-face service that is built to create trust, concentrating my time on YOUR needs, not the providers.


First consultations are always FREE.  Any applicable fees thereafter are discussed and agreed in advance of any agreements.